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CWA Local 7250 News:

2015 Picket Duty Assignments

2014 Scheduled Legacy T AT&T Occupational Represented VTP/Surplus Declaration Windows:

 Announce to Employee VTP Off Payroll Date Surplus Off Payroll Date
1st Quarter 12/15/14 01/16/15 02/20/15
2nd Quarter 03/13/15 04/17/15 05/15/15
3rd Quarter 06/15/15 07/17/15 08/14/15
4th Quarter 09/15/15 10/16/15 11/20/15
Executive Board

Shari Wojtowicz- President
Chad Perkins - Executive Vice President
Alaric Poseley-Hatton - Secretary/Treasurer

Larry Thompson- Area Vice President - Retail
Kieran F. Knutson - Area Vice President - Sales & Support
Sean McCawley - Area Vice President - Network
Dave Bennett- Member at Large

Wear RED Thursdays & BLACK Fridays
Wear Red!Stand in Solidarity against the attack on Middle class workers
If you are interested in becoming a Union Steward, contact President, Shari Wojtowicz, 612-532-8372 or email

As a CWA Member:

Stand Up!


If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my Union Representative or Steward be present at this meeting. Until my Representative arrives, I choose not to participate in this discussion

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